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    Karkent Etiket
    40 Years of Experience in Shirt Fabrics
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    Computer Aided Manufacturing
    Computer aided manufacturing with state-of-the-art equipment.
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    Single Warehouse
    Thousands of Patterns and Hundreds of Stock Warehouse

Karkent Textile

Karkent Textile

Founded in 1980, our company shirting fabrics and labelstock fabric production in the area last year are among the leading companies in Turkey.

With its state-of-the-art weaving machines located within 15.000m2 closed area and 5.000m2 open area, our annual production capacity is 6000.000 meters fabric; cotton, polyester cotton and printed shirting fabrics are produced.

Shirting fabric

Karkent Tekstil a very wide range of shirting fabric manufacturing, importing and exporting. Our company which is based in Bursa in Istanbul Fabric market is in label fabrics as well as in the production of shirting fabric.

Label Fabric

In recent years, as the competitive conditions in the textile labels market have become tougher, consumers have begun to search for new ideas. To be able to respond to the evolving market and consumer needs, being in constant development and orienting to new technologies has become compulsory for the label sector.