Shopping Procedure

Steps to electronic shopping:
1. First you have to be a member of my site.
-You can use "MEMBER ASK" or "Click For New Membership" links to become a candidate.
2. Once you have determined the amount of products you want to buy, you can click on "Add Sepete" button to add to shopping cart. The purpose of the shopping cart is to provide convenience by removing the obligation of purchasing the customer as soon as they choose.
3. You can see the price and other information about the product in your shopping cart. You can also change the quantities of the products and remove them from your basket. Product prices and amount information are included in VAT.
4. You can buy products in your cart in 4 different ways. Prepayment by credit card, installment payment by credit card, discount by money order. After you select the payment method, you will see the detail screen according to the payment mode you selected. After entering the desired data, click the "Buy" button.
5. If you pay by credit card; If you confirm the order, then the bank will receive a network processing mechanism (SSL) in which the banks that receive payment via net or pay through the net by means of a net transfer have approved or denied this transaction. If your credit card information is valid, your order will be accepted. The products you receive get charged to us via the bank. If the order is completed positively, an e-mail will be sent with information about the customer order. The purchased product is delivered by a customer selected by a trusted cargo company that has been previously agreed upon, in order to show the identity of the person receiving the order.
6. At the end of this process, the system will automatically give you an order number and route it to the order tracking module. This number must be saved for later payment and order tracking.
7. With the help of the order tracking module, you can check the status of your orders at any time.